Open-Access-Tage 2019: Sustainability of Open Access

Current Open Access developments are changing the dynamics of the Open Access field. New funding requirements (Plan S) and national agreements (DEAL/Wiley) are trying to accelerate the transition to Open Access. The sustainability of Open Access transformation often plays a minor role. New pragmatic approaches generate high costs, the long-term financing of which is unclear, and possibly strengthen publishing oligopolies. Previous formats (or their workflows) such as Open Access funds and repositories have weaknesses in interoperability and scaling. New rules often pick up existing practices instead of prioritizing new capabilities and services.

We look forward to receiving submissions on all aspects of Open Access for the Open-Access-Tage 2019. We are particularly interested in sustainability aspects: How do we create interoperable, networked, resilient services? How do we ensure control by academic institutions? How do we make costs transparent and secure long-term funding?



Presentations with a maximum length of 15 minutes can be submitted. The programme committee will form thematically appropriate moderated sessions from selected submissions. Each session lasts 90 minutes and contains a maximum of 3 lectures. It is important for the Programme Committee to allow sufficient time for discussion and interaction.

Please enter an abstract with a maximum of 300 words and include brief biographical details of the people involved. If submissions are related to other submissions or if you would like to be treated in a joint session, please note this in the submission.

Please submit >> here << your contributions by 2 May 2019 at the latest.


Practice-oriented workshops can be submitted. These are dedicated to a specific topic and last 90 minutes. The workshops do not focus on lectures, but on the joint development of results.

Please enter an abstract with a maximum of 300 words and include brief biographical information on the persons involved.

Please submit >> here << your contributions by 2 May 2019 at the latest.


The posters are full conference contributions and can present current research results or projects on Open Access. All selected posters will be presented in a poster session during the conference. Poster authors should be present during the conference to give conference participants an opportunity for discussion.

Submissions are subject to a selection procedure. In addition to content aspects, the implementation as poster will also be considered (clear structure, expressiveness, legibility, innovative implementation). There will be an award for the best posters during the Open-Access-Tage.

All contributions submitted on time will be reviewed by the Programme Committee. If accepted by the Program Committee, the poster must be published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0). We kindly ask you to clarify your rights in advance, if necessary.

Please upload your finished poster (no abstracts) as a file (DIN A0, PDF format).

Please submit >> here << your contributions by 8 July 2019 at the latest.

Tool Marketplace

The Tool Marketplace is a demo session for software applications (preferably Open Source) with a reference to Open Access.

The following information should be provided for submissions to the Session Tool Marketplace:

  • Description of the tool
  • if possible, link to an executable version of the application
  • Software license details
  • Information on the relationship of the submitters to the presented software
  • Information on specific technical requirements for the presentation

Please enter an abstract with a maximum of 300 words. The abstract must contain a link to the project.

Please submit >> here << your contributions by 8 July 2019 at the latest.


This year we would like to pay special attention to the quality of the Sesssion moderations and are looking for particularly committed, communicative participants of the Open-Access-Tage who would like to contribute to the success of the conference as moderators. If you have experience with the moderation of lectures, workshops or discussion events, we would be pleased to receive an expression of interest as a moderator for the Open-Access-Tage 2019. The tasks include the presentation of the speakers, the moderation of the plenary discussion and binding time management.

The moderators are selected by the programme committee, receive a moderation guide in advance and take part in a briefing via video conference.

Please submit >> here << your expression of interest by 8 July 2019 at the latest.