Dear Open Access Community!

At home but open - due to the confusing situation in the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided that the Open-Access-Tage 2020 will not be held as an on-site event in Bielefeld. Instead, we want to prepare a purely online conference with you.

Open Access thrives on the possibilities of digital exchange and geographical independence. It will be an exciting task to test this for our conference. At the same time, we would like to make it possible for all interested parties to participate, regardless of the situation in September, of any travel restrictions or of being part of a risk group.

We work with joy and curiosity to organise the digital conference and invite you to participate with your contributions.

Please note our adaptations of the respective contribution formats with notes for the implementation in digital form.


Open Access 2020 - Ways, Actors, Effects

In recent years, important milestones have been set which identify Open Access as the standard for scientific publishing, be it the European Framework Programmes for Research and Innovation, initiatives such as OA2020, Plan S or the implementation of a European Open Science Cloud. The Open-Access-Tage 2020 therefore offer an ideal opportunity to take stock of the situation, to acknowledge achievements, but also to consider challenges and contradictions on the way to opening up science.

For the Open-Access-Tage 2020 we look forward to receiving submissions on all aspects of Open Access, but we especially invite submissions on the following topics:

  • Researchers as Open Access actors
    How do researchers benefit from Open Access and how do they deal with challenges (e.g. regarding their research career)? How is scholarly communication practiced through research communities while not owned by large profit-oriented publishers (e.g. scholar-led publishing, learned societies)? How do they act as multipliers for young researchers? 
  • The role of Open Access for Open Science
    What potential does Open Access offer in establishing new publication formats and opening up scientific workflows, e.g. as preprints, executable papers, data stories, pre-registrations and support for the reproducibility of studies?
  • Regional and national strategies
    What goals are being pursued in different regions and countries and what has been achieved so far? How do policy frameworks influence the implementation of Open Access and the creation of transparency in science? What are the "lessons learned" from strategy processes? What are best practices? We welcome submissions from all countries and regions (contributions in English or German).
  • Open Access for different types of universities and educational institutions
    This year, a university of applied sciences will again be among the hosts of the Open-Access-Tage - a good opportunity to take a closer look at different types of universities and educational institutions: How is Open Access anchored at universities of applied sciences, art and music colleges or academies? How can exchange and coordination with universities and other non-university research institutions be particularly valuable? 


About the Conference

The Open-Access-Tage 2020 were planned to take place in Bielefeld from the 15th - 17th  September 2020. The conference is jointly organised by Bielefeld University Library and the Library of Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with the information platform

With around 400 participants, the Open-Access-Tage are the central annual conference on the subject of Open Access in German-speaking countries. It is of interest to all who are engaged with the possibilities, conditions and perspectives of scholarly publishing, including libraries and other research infrastructures, publishing houses, as well as researchers and research support staff.

You can submit contributions for the following formats: presentations, workshops, posters and tool marketplace.

We aim to record as many presentations as possible on video and make them available online via the TIB AV-portal after the conference, as well as to publish presentations on zenodo. after the conference. If you do not wish to do so, please indicate this when submitting your abstract. Of course, this will not affect the selection procedure.

The conference language of the Open-Access-Tage 2020 will be in German. However, contributions in English are also welcome.

For the digital conference we will provide an infrastructure with the following functional range:

* Webinars
* virtual rooms
* Pads
* Whiteboards

In the run-up to the conference there will be training courses for speakers and moderators.


We invite you to submit presentations with a maximum length of 15 minutes. The selected presentations shall be grouped thematically into moderated sessions by the Programme Committee. Each session lasts 90 minutes and consists of a maximum of 3 presentations. It is important for the Programme Committee to allow sufficient time for discussion and interaction. 

Please submit your abstract (maximum 300 words) and upload a short biography of the involved persons. If submissions are related to other submissions or if you would like to discuss them in a joint session, please make a note of this in the submission process.


We also welcome submissions for practically-oriented workshops. These should aim to cover a specific topic and last approximately 90 minutes. The focus of the workshops is the joint, structured development of results.

Please submit your abstract (maximum 300 words). In addition, please indicate the number of participants you are planning with and include a short biography of the involved persons. Please briefly outline what the the workshop character consists of (e.g. methods) and which procedure and tools you propose for the implementation in digital format. Please note that workshops are not lecture panels and should be interactive.


Posters are valued conference contributions, allowing new research results or projects on Open Access to be showcased. We are planning a virtual poster session in which each speaker will present the poster e.g. by means of a short video/screencast of maximum 2 minutes length. In a virtual room there will be the possibility for discussion and interaction with the poster speaker and other participants.

Submissions for posters will be subject to review and selection by the Programme Committee. Review will be based on both the content and its clear display in poster format (i.e. clear structure, significance, legibility, innovative application). The submitted posters should be final versions. Sketches or concepts for presentations cannot be considered. There will be an award for the best posters during the Open-Access-Tage, which will be voted on virtually by the conference participants.

All contributions submitted on time will be reviewed by the Programme Committee. If selected, posters must be made available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license. Please indicate the license on the poster according to the CC requirements (correct name and link to the license text). We kindly ask you to clarify any legal issues with meeting this requirement in advance.

Please upload your completed poster (no abstracts) as PDF file, possibly with multimedia elements.

Please also provide your ORCID iD on the poster.

Tool Marketplace

The Tool Marketplace is a demo session for software applications (preferably Open Source) with a reference to Open Access. Tools should be presented by the submitter via live demos in a virtual room.

The following information should be provided for submissions to the session Tool Marketplace:

  • Description of the tool
  • if possible, link to an executable version of the application
  • Software license details
  • Information on the relationship of the submitters to the software presented
  • Information on special technical requirements for the presentation

Please submit an abstract of maximum 300 words. The abstract must include a link to the project.

NEW: Open Access Basics - Offers for beginners

This year, we would like to offer thematic sessions and workshops especially for newcomers to Open Access.

Chair and Assistance

As last year, we would like to attract particularly committed, communicative participants of the Open-Access-Tage as moderators to make the conference a success. If you have experience in moderating lectures, workshops or discussion events, we would be pleased to receive an expression of interest as a moderator for the Open-Access-Tage 2020. The tasks include introducing the speakers, moderating the digital interaction plenary discussion and a binding time management. In addition, we ask for expressions of interest as moderation assistance, which supports the moderation, for example in question-answer chats.

The moderators will be selected by the Programme Committee, will receive a moderation guide in advance and can take part in a briefing via video conference.


This year we will unfortunately not be able to offer a separate exhibition segment. However, we will provide formats for networking and exchange among the participants.


Submissions and Deadlines

The deadlines are:

  • 17 May 2020 Presentations and Workshops
  • 1 July 2020 Poster, Tool-Marketplace and Chair