Open Access Days 2021: Participation

Participation is fundamental to the vision of Open Access and also points to the great potential underlying most Open Access initiatives.
Under the motto of Participation, specific questions can be formulated that are important or promising for Open Access:

  • How does economic participation shape up against the backdrop of changes in the OA landscape brought about by read-&-publish contracts and initiatives such as Plan S?
  • How can non-commercial publication initiatives or non-university authors participate in the scientific discourse against the background of these initiatives and contracts?
  • What form can social participation in scientific knowledge take through OA? What social participation opportunities are fostered by OA?
  • How can less privileged countries actively participate in the global scientific discourse?

Submissions on other Open Acees topics are of course also possible.

About the conference

The Open Access Days 2021 will take place as an online conference from September 27 to 29 and is planned by the 

With up to 400 participants each year, the Open Access Days are the central annual conference on Open Access in the German-speaking world. They are aimed at all people who are intensively involved with the possibilities, conditions and perspectives of scientific publishing. This includes employees of libraries and other institutions of the scientific infrastructure, of publishing houses as well as scientists and members of the scientific administration.

We invite submissions for the following formats: Talks, Workshops, and Posters. The will be no Tool Marketplace at the OAT21.

The conference language of the Open Access Days 2021 is German. However, contributions in English are also welcome.

We aim to record as many talks as possible on video and make them available online via the TIB AV-Portal after the conference, as well as to publish the presentations on Zenodo. If you do not want your talk recorded or your presentation published, please indicate this in your submission. This will of course not affect the selection process.

In the run-up to the conference, there will be training opportunities for speakers and presenters.


Presentations with a maximum length of 15 minutes can be submitted. This will allow sufficient time for discussion and interaction. From the selected submissions, the program committee will form thematically appropriate, moderated sessions. Each session will last 90 minutes and include a maximum of 3 presentations.

Please submit an abstract with a maximum of 300 words and include brief biographical information about the individuals involved. If submissions are related to other submissions or you wish for them to be addressed in a joint session, please indicate this in the submission.


Practice-oriented workshops can be submitted. These last approximately 90 minutes and are dedicated to a specific topic. The focus of the workshops is the joint, structured elaboration of results.

Please submit an abstract with a maximum of 300 words. In addition, please indicate how many participants you plan to have and include brief biographical information about the individuals involved. Please outline briefly what the workshop character consists of (e.g. methods) and what procedure and tools you propose for implementation. Please take into account that workshops are not lecture panels and should be interactive in nature.

Posters and Pitches

Projects, initiatives, tools

The OA community is buzzing and creative.

What is your topic? For what do you want to get the community's curiosity?

This year, we would like to expand the classic poster presentation of the Open Access Days with the program slot "Posters and Pitches". We invite you to present your project, your results, your self-developed open source tool to the community in a pointed way with a poster or a video of max. two minutes.

The posters and videos are full conference contributions. We are planning a virtual session using, where each speaker will present the poster or video in a separate area, and there will be an opportunity for discussion with the participants.

Selection process

The submissions are subject to a selection process. In addition to content-related aspects, the making of the poster or video is also taken into account (clear structure, expressiveness, readability or comprehensibility, innovative implementation). The submitted posters and videos should be final versions. Drafts or concepts for presentations cannot be considered. During the Open Access Days, there will be an award for the best contributions, which will be voted on virtually by the conference participants.


All posters and videos submitted by the deadline will be reviewed by the program committee. If accepted by the program committee, the poster or video will be published together with an abstract under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license. Please indicate the license according to the CC requirements on the poster or in the film (correct name and link to the license text). We ask you to carry out any necessary rights clearances in advance.

Please upload your finished poster as a PDF file or your film as an MPEG file together with an abstract. Please also include your ORCID-iD on the poster or in the film.

Create videos

To create the videos, we can recommend using the open source software OBS Studio.

Tips & tricks for installing, configuring and using OBS Studio:


Submission and deadlines

Please submit your proposals for presentations or workshops by May 3, 2021.

Deadline for submission of the posters and videos is 11.07.2021.