Registration and Fees

Do I have to register for the conference?

  • Yes, registration for the Open Access Days is required. Registration is expected to open in early summer. The conference fees will be announced when registration opens.

What is the conference fee?

  • The conference fee will be announced when registration for the Open Access Days starts (in early summer).

Are speakers exempt from the conference fee?

  • Speakers are not exempt from the conference fee.

What is included in the conference fee?

  • The conference fee covers the costs for catering (excluding dinners), conference location and technology, participant management and conference materials.

How is the conference financed?

  • The conference is financed by participant fees, supporters and sponsors. An overview follows shortly.

Formats and support during the conference

What kind of knowledge exchange opportunities do participants have during the Open Access Days?

  • The workshops, poster session and tool market place offer possibilities for active participation and interactive discussion with speakers and the audience. During the sessions, time is allocated for questions.

Are lectures recorded and if so, where can I find the recordings?

  • The Keynote speeches and online presentations will be recorded and published afterwards on the TIB AV portal, provided that speakers and moderators have given their consent.

Can I access the presentation slides and posters after the conference?

  • The presentations and posters will be collected in the Zenodo Community "Open Access Days 2023" and saved for download, provided that speakers have given their consent.

Where can I get assistance during the conference?

How can I provide feedback?

  • You are welcome to provide feedback any time through Mastodon ( or Twitter (@OATage or by using the hashtag #OAT23) or by email:
  • After the conference, we will share a link to an evaluation page. We look forward to receiving your feedback.

Getting to the conference and accommodation in Berlin

Where can I stay in Berlin? Are there hotel contingents for the participants of the Open Access Days?

  • You can find an overview of the hotels here.

How do I get to the conference location?

  • You can find directions here.

How do I get to the location of the social event?

How do I get to the conference dinner location?

Which highlights are not to be missed in Berlin?

  • The city portal gives an overview of all touristic highlights.